Women for Women International

Women for Women InternationalWe're incredibly proud to be partnering with the fantastic charity Women for Women International, a charity that works to help women affected by war and conflict rebuild their lives.

Since 1993 Women for Women International has helped more than 447,000 marginalised women. Many of the women have experienced the most extreme consequences of war; be it rape, torture, loss of family, loss of financial stability, displacement, as well as isolation from the local community. These are some of the hardest situations imaginable and without Women for Women International, some of these women’s futures would be very bleak. Working directly with women in eight countries from Afghanistan to South Sudan, their year-long training programme offers support, tools, and access to life changing skills to help women survivors of war move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.

Participants come together in life skills classes, leadership and rights awareness training, which enables women to become healthy, active leaders of positive change in their communities. They learn a marketable vocational skill such as organic farming, bee keeping or brick making, and receive business skills training to turn their skill into an income generating activity.

The ripple effect ensures that this knowledge is spread: after graduation, nearly ten times as many women report sharing knowledge of their rights with other women. The result: stronger women, stronger families, and stronger communities.

How did Posh Totty Designs get involved?

Moved by the ongoing refugee crisis, Posh Totty Designs founder Alice Rivers-Cripps wanted to partner with an international charity and approached Women for Women International. The charity loved Alice’s idea of a limited edition Women for Women International necklace and suggested she visit one of their programmes to gain inspiration from meeting the women they help.

Alice’s next step in the partnership was a trip to Kosovo. Up until 1999 Kosovo was torn by conflict costing many thousands of lives, and the repercussions of that conflict are still being felt to this day. During her trip to Kosovo Alice met with some of the incredible women enrolled onto the Women for Women International programme and was honoured to hear about their experiences. Her time spent with them included teaching a jewellery making workshop and basic entrepreneurial skills that she herself has learned over the past 12 years. Alice was deeply moved by their personal stories of being a refugee and how they all felt so lost and without hope, but yet when they crossed the border to safety they were ‘embraced’ by caring and generous strangers. They all felt so saddened by the refugees of today who have no embrace or acceptance at the other end. This led Alice to the concept of designing a piece of jewellery that symbolises a ‘forever hug’, a universal symbol of hope, love and support.

To view Alice's photo-diary of her time in Kosovo, please click here

Alice's Trip to Kosovo

The Personalised 'Share A Hug' Necklace

The beautiful Personalised ‘Share a Hug’ Necklace, inspired by the women Alice met in Kosovo, is available to purchase here on the Posh Totty Designs website. 100% of the proceeds of the necklace go directly to the charity Women for Women International, so they can continue their amazing work helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

Crafted from the fine sterling silver and 9ct gold, the necklaces are handmade in the Posh Totty Designs Brighton workshop. The tactile open circle finished with a delicate pair of hands symbolises the ‘embrace’ that was such a strong motif from Alice’s time in Kosovo; from the embrace the refugees felt when they were welcomed crossing the border to the warmth, affection and hugs Alice received from the women she met. The necklace can be personalised with up to 18 characters for a truly unique touch. Carry a special message close to your heart whilst supporting the brilliant work of Women for Women International, and ‘Share a Hug’ with someone special today.

Purchase the Personalised 'Share A Hug' Necklace in sterling silver/ 9ct gold plate here

Purchase the Personalised 'Share A Hug' Necklace in solid 9ct gold here

Women for Women International UK Charity Registration Number: 1115109

Photography by award-winning photojournalist Hazel Thompson

The Personalised 'Share a Hug' Necklace


We invite you to join in the conversation by sharing your photos of the Personalised ‘Share A Hug’ Necklace with the hashtag #ShareAHug on social media. 


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