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At Posh Totty Designs we're passionate about the charity partnerships we undertake and incredibly proud to be working with two amazing charities, Women for Women International and Rockinghorse Children's Charity. As with all the charity work we do, proceeds go directly to each organisation. Read on to find out more about our partnerships.


Women 4 Women Charity Logo

This last year has seen us partner with Women for Women International, an incredible charity that works to support women and children affected by war and conflict. After being moved by the plight of today's refugees fleeing their homes, we wanted to help in some way. Alice visited war-torn Kosovo and conducted a workshop for one of the charity's business skills programmes, and worked with the PTD jewellery team upon her return to design a necklace that represented PTD's collaboration with Women for Women International. With 100% of the profits of the 'Share A Hug' Necklace going straight to the charity to help them continue the vital work they do, we feel we're using our jewellery making skills to help others improve their lives. We feel passionate that business success should bring about a strong sense of social conscience, which is why working with charities close to our hearts is an integral part of our business.


Share a Hug Charity Collection

  1. Share A Hug Open Ring
    Share A Hug Open Ring
    from £27.00
  2. Personalised Share A Hug Bangle
    Personalised Share A Hug Bangle
    from £79.00
  3. Personalised 9ct Gold Share A Hug Necklace
    Personalised 9ct Gold Share A Hug Necklace
    from £450.00
  4. Personalised Share A Hug Necklace
    Personalised Share A Hug Necklace
    from £49.00
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Rockinghorse Charity Logo

Alongside Women for Women International, we have continued to work closely with local Rockinghorse Children's Charity. When her eldest son Oliver was just an infant, Alice had first-hand experience of the local children's hospital where he was taken ill. Thankfully pulling through unscathed, Alice was both grateful and inspired by the care he received. The Rockinghorse Children's Charity raises money for The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital and The Trevor Mann unit. 100% of the profits of our Rockinghorse jewellery collection go directly to the charity to support these important facilities.


Rockinghorse Charity Collection

  1. Personalised Petite Rockinghorse Charity Bracelet
    Personalised Petite Rockinghorse Charity Bracelet
    from £20.00
  2. Personalised Rockinghorse Charity Necklace
    Personalised Rockinghorse Charity Necklace
    from £28.50
  3. Personalised Rockinghorse Charity Bracelet
    Personalised Rockinghorse Charity Bracelet
    from £28.50
  4. Rockinghorse Children's Charity Wedding Favour
    Rockinghorse Children's Charity Wedding Favour
    from £2.50
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Brighton Womens Center Logo

This incredible charity is local to us in Brighton and has been working for the last 40 years at a grassroots level, supporting self-identifying women in need in Sussex. Women who are welcomed and supported are from all social backgrounds, facing all kinds of issues from domestic violence to poverty, mental and physical health issues. The charity offers support with facing bereavement, trauma and discrimination.

The ways in which the charity help are practical. Peer group drop-ins offer a starting point and kind ear, advice and information on services available and a safe place from where to start. There is a pre-school nursery available for mothers in need of educational support for children, accommodation support for homeless women, holistic, counselling and well-being personal development programs designed to heal and empower vulnerable women.

The aim of the charity is to help women become strong and independent, changing herself, the attitudes and behaviour of those around her and in time having the inner strength to contribute to a diverse and inclusive society.

We believe the work they do is immensely important, an invaluable emotional and practical lifeline to real women with real needs. Our jewellers have designed the simple, elegant, and emotive Silver Venus Necklace representing sisterhood and strength, and we are privileged to be able to donate £2.00 from the sale of each necklace towards Brighton Women’s Centre. Please help us support them and read all about the charity here.


Brighton Women's Center

  1. Silver Venus Necklace
    Silver Venus Necklace
    from £18.00
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