Hand wearing handmade silver ringsHand wearing handmade silver rings

How to make a ring

Using our Silver Ring Making Kit

The Silver Ring Making Kit

Following the success of our bestselling Ring Making Workshops, we're delighted to announce that you can now create your very own sterling silver rings at home with the Personalised Silver Ring Making Kit. The kit includes all the tools and instructions you'll need to carve your ring designs out of jewellers wax, which you'll then post to us. We will cast your designs into sterling silver then post your finished pieces back to you. We can also hand-stamp your choice of personalisation onto your ring and plate with 18ct gold.

Get to Know Your Tools

Before you get started, lets get to know whats inside your kit:

  • Practice wax ring
  • Final wax ring
  • Cutting mat
  • Thimble
  • Abrasive paper
  • Selection of files

You'll also need a:

  • Marker pen
  • Scalpel
silver ring making kit


When creating your design, draw directly onto the wax, marking out the areas you would like to remove. Use this as a guide to cut out the shape with your scalpel. You can then add to your design with the following techniques.

sketching a ring designs in pencil
carving a wax ring

Cutting & Shaping

The scalpel you will be using is very sharp, so please never cut towards your fingers, unless you are using a thimble. Use your cutting mat when cutting down through the wax as to not damage your table surface. Use your scalpel when cutting out different shapes and textures.

carving a wax ring


Use your scalpel to chip away the surface of the wax. Repeating this technique in a variety of sizes to make a multifaceted texture. This technique can be used all over your design or in one particular area as a design feature.

faceting a wax ring
filling a wax ring


Using either your large or smaller files to create lines, channels, rough edges, bumps and marks to the surface of your wax. Like faceting, this technique can be used all over your design or in one particular area as a design feature.

filling a wax ring


Create soft curves by using the half-round side of your file or smooth flat surfaces using the flat side. Smooth and finish the surface by using the abrasive paper after filing. The abrasive paper can also be used to remove any imperfections or finish all other techniques.

smoothing a wax ring

Finishing Off

Yay! You’ve finished your wax ring. Now you need to post it back to us.

Plastic Ring Sizer

Place your ring sizer on the finger you would like to wear your ring on. Pull the tab until the sizer fits comfortably on your finger. You may want to try pulling it off your finger like you would a ring to make sure it fits correctly over your knuckle. The arrow on the sizer will point to a letter indicating your ring size.

Ring Making Order Form

Fill out your order form with all your details to make sure your ring is exactly how you would like it. Don’t forget to jot down your ring size! You may like a little extra sparkle with precious stones or some gold plating. You can even do a little drawing so we can make sure your design is perfect.

Wax ring boxed and ready to post

Place your finished wax ring in your ring box to keep it extra safe on its journey back to us. Make sure you have both your ring and order form in your pre paid envelope before popping it in the post!

Silver cast Ring in a box

Our lovely jewellers will then cast your ring in solid silver. If you have requested any additions we will contact you to arrange payment. Within 4 weeks, your finished ring will be posted back to you. Making your dream ring a reality!

I want my own!

Create your own beautiful and bespoke silver ring.

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