Personalised Jewellery for Children

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  1. Textured Confetti Birthstone Initial Letter NecklaceTextured Confetti Birthstone Initial Letter Necklace
    Textured Confetti Birthstone Initial Letter Necklace
    from £110.00
  2. Personalised Heart Open RingPersonalised Heart Open Ring
    Personalised Heart Open Ring
    from £32.00
  3. Wishbone Personalised Charm NecklaceWishbone Personalised Charm Necklace
    Wishbone Personalised Charm Necklace
    from £55.00
  4. Jigsaw Personalised Charm NecklaceJigsaw Personalised Charm Necklace
    Jigsaw Personalised Charm Necklace
    from £55.00
  5. Horseshoe Personalised Charm NecklaceHorseshoe Personalised Charm Necklace
    Horseshoe Personalised Charm Necklace
    from £55.00
  6. Textured Birthstone Initial Letter NecklaceTextured Birthstone Initial Letter Necklace
    Textured Birthstone Initial Letter Necklace
    from £75.00
  7. Initial Letter Station NecklaceInitial Letter Station Necklace
    Initial Letter Station Necklace
    from £43.00
  8. Textured Initial Letter NecklaceTextured Initial Letter Necklace
    Textured Initial Letter Necklace
    from £43.00
  9. Personalised Cluster Crown Disc NecklacePersonalised Cluster Crown Disc Necklace
    Personalised Cluster Crown Disc Necklace
    from £55.00
  10. Personalised Crown Disc NecklacePersonalised Crown Disc Necklace
    Personalised Crown Disc Necklace
    from £55.00
  11. Japanese Wax Seal Birth Flower NecklaceJapanese Wax Seal Birth Flower Necklace
    Japanese Wax Seal Birth Flower Necklace
    from £63.00
  12. Personalised Disc Name NecklacePersonalised Disc Name Necklace
    Personalised Disc Name Necklace
    from £27.00
  13. Personalised Christening BanglePersonalised Christening Bangle
    Personalised Christening Bangle
    from £52.00
  14. Personalised Initial Disc NecklacePersonalised Initial Disc Necklace
    Personalised Initial Disc Necklace
    from £21.50
  15. Personalised Horseshoe NecklacePersonalised Horseshoe Necklace
    Personalised Horseshoe Necklace
    from £39.00
  16. Personalised Mini Message NecklacePersonalised Mini Message Necklace
    Personalised Mini Message Necklace
    from £27.00
  17. Personalised Mini Heart NecklacePersonalised Mini Heart Necklace
    Personalised Mini Heart Necklace
    from £25.00
  18. Personalised Christening ID BraceletPersonalised Christening ID Bracelet
    Personalised Christening ID Bracelet
    from £36.00
  19. Personalised Bright Star NecklacePersonalised Bright Star Necklace
    Personalised Bright Star Necklace
    from £27.00
  20. Star Stud EarringsStar Stud Earrings
    Star Stud Earrings
    from £21.50
  21. Silver Lucky Wishbone NecklaceSilver Lucky Wishbone Necklace
    Silver Lucky Wishbone Necklace
    from £39.00
  22. Christening Card & Necklace SetChristening Card & Necklace Set
    Christening Card & Necklace Set
    from £25.00
  23. Personalised Rockinghorse Charity Christening BanglePersonalised Rockinghorse Charity Christening Bangle
    Personalised Rockinghorse Charity Christening Bangle
    from £55.00
  24. Petite Russian Ring NecklacePetite Russian Ring Necklace
    Petite Russian Ring Necklace
    from £21.50
  25. Silver Mini Button NecklaceSilver Mini Button Necklace
    Silver Mini Button Necklace
    from £21.50
  26. Personalised Petite Rockinghorse Charity NecklacePersonalised Petite Rockinghorse Charity Necklace
    Personalised Petite Rockinghorse Charity Necklace
    from £20.00
  27. Silver Rockinghorse Charity EarringsSilver Rockinghorse Charity Earrings
    Silver Rockinghorse Charity Earrings
    from £20.00
  28. Pinwheel Charm NecklacePinwheel Charm Necklace
    Pinwheel Charm Necklace
    from £27.00
  29. Personalised Bead Mini Message NecklacePersonalised Bead Mini Message Necklace
    Personalised Bead Mini Message Necklace
    from £25.00
  30. Personalised Ruby Mini Message NecklacePersonalised Ruby Mini Message Necklace
    Personalised Ruby Mini Message Necklace
    from £62.00
  31. Personalised 9ct Gold Mini Message NecklacePersonalised 9ct Gold Mini Message Necklace
    Personalised 9ct Gold Mini Message Necklace
    from £279.00
  32. Personalised Mini Heart Locket NecklacePersonalised Mini Heart Locket Necklace
    Personalised Mini Heart Locket Necklace
    from £55.00
  33. Personalised Sapphire Mini Message NecklacePersonalised Sapphire Mini Message Necklace
    Personalised Sapphire Mini Message Necklace
    from £62.00
  34. Personalised Mini Heart Charm NecklacePersonalised Mini Heart Charm Necklace
    Personalised Mini Heart Charm Necklace
    from £25.00
  35. Crescent Moon Stud EarringsCrescent Moon Stud Earrings
    Crescent Moon Stud Earrings
    from £21.50
  36. Mini Heart Necklace And Earrings SetMini Heart Necklace And Earrings Set
    Mini Heart Necklace And Earrings Set
    from £35.00
  37. Mini Star Charm NecklaceMini Star Charm Necklace
    Mini Star Charm Necklace
    from £27.00
  38. Mini Heart Charm Necklace SetMini Heart Charm Necklace Set
    Mini Heart Charm Necklace Set
    from £35.00
  39. Mini Flower Charm NecklaceMini Flower Charm Necklace
    Mini Flower Charm Necklace
    from £21.50
  40. Mini Scalloped Flower NecklaceMini Scalloped Flower Necklace
    Mini Scalloped Flower Necklace
    from £21.50
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Set Descending Direction

Items 1-40 of 42

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